Sharing our story

Our Logo

Wondering why we call it the Talking Stick Entertainment District?

Our talking stick is a contemporary representation of a traditional calendar stick which Pima and Maricopa tribes used to record significant events in the Community. Historically, calendar sticks featured carvings or “symbols” emphasizing different events that happened throughout the year, such as meteor showers, floods, new visitors to the area, etc.

Today, we choose to tell the story of our economic development via the Talking Stick logo, where each of the symbol represents an area amenity that significantly impacted the story of economic development in the SRPMIC.


– The first carving symbolizes the people of the Salt River Indian Community, the Pima & Maricopa.

– The second carving symbolizes an “Ant’s House” and records the opening of the first retail center in SRPMIC in the 1980s, The Pavilions at Talking Stick.

– The third carving records the opening of Talking Stick Golf Club in 1998.

– The fourth carving records the first multi-story mid-rise building in our Community, Talking Stick Resort, which was completed in 2010.

– The fifth carving, a rattlesnake and a mountain range, records the building of Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, spring training home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies.

– The blank space on the stick/logo represents future growth and development.